Saturday, October 5, 2013

We are matched!!!

So there go my plans for keeping this blog updated often... oh well... Since my last post so much has happened. One by one we presented to 16 different expecting moms and each time after praying and waiting heard a "No". This was a HUGE emotional roller coaster ride as sometimes the baby was already born or due very soon, so if chosen it would have meant getting everything ready for baby super fast. Also with praying for each of these moms and their babies you start, on some level, to form a heart connection, even if it is only one sided. So when you then hear they select someone else it was hard.
Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. We had another "situation" as they are called. a young 17 year old expecting mom in FL having a baby girl due in October. We presented and waited and prayed and then in a few days heard "No" not us, another family was chosen. We we continued on. Then a few days later we received an email saying that the couple that had been chosen had backed out for some personal reasons. Were we still interested in presenting? We Thought and Prayed about it and decided to go ahead. Then we waited...and waited... and waited... usually you hear back in a few days. This time it was over a week... Then Thursday night we got the news "Yes"! We had been chosen! We are all so excited!!

Now begins a new step of the journey. The baby still isn't "for sure" joining our family. After the expecting mom has her baby, she will then have 24-48 hours to decide if she wants to parent. If at that point she still decides to place her baby for adoption, then we will be the family. At this point our plan is for Troy and I to be at the hospital shortly after the baby is born. If she decides to parent then we would fly back home. If she decides to place her baby with us then Troy would fly back home after a couple days to be with the other kids while I wait out the time for all the paperwork to clear, usually about 2 weeks. We did find out yesterday that we have some great friends all living right in the area in Florida that we will be going to. Such an exciting time. We still really appreciate your prayers as the journey isn't over yet. We still have a lot of fundraising to do- details coming soon. Also with any childbirth there can be complications and unknown factors.

Please join us in praying for this mom and her baby for an easy and uncomplicated delivery and for health for her and her baby.

Anna made this blanket for the baby all on her own during their quiet time yesterday. The kids are really excited:)

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MommaMina said...

May you continue to see God's character as this all plays out dears.
love you