Thursday, October 17, 2013

Our Dishwasher Broke...and more :)

So we are getting so close to being able to go and meet this precious expecting mom. We are waiting for a call any day saying she is in labor and then we will jump on a plane and head to Florida. We are super excited that we get to "meet" her for the first time this friday morning via skype. She has a doctor apointment just before that so hoping for some good updates on baby as well. It is such a strange feeling to be getting everything ready for a baby that is not even yours yet...
On to last night... The dishwasher started making a very loud noise when I started to run it. I am used to loud noises in our so I let it run. My wonderful, responsible husband though was not so inclined. He said to shut it off he was concerned about the engine blowing, a fire etc... I was concerned about having to wash all the dishes by hand... So he emailed a friend who fixes appliances. Then this morning I hadn't heard anything so I checked with a friend whose husband does repairs as well, he would call me back but she mentioned cleaning out the filter. We had done that a couple times, but it had been awhile, but it was a really loud noise. I also talked to a repair company who said it would be $69 to come out to look at it. Then parts and labor on top of that. In wanting to save money right now for the adoption we don't have a lot of extra, so I decided at nap time along with my trusty assistant John, to clean the filters.

Low and behold we found..along with some yucky yucky stuff a large drywall nail stuck in the filter. How in the world? Long story short we skillfully removed it and the dishwasher is now working fine. Yeah!- even in little insignificant things God is looking out for us.
We still would love for your help during this time. There are 3 basic ways:
1 Prayer- For this expecting mom and her baby. For the labor and delivery. For our travel and our kids with family back home. For our finances.
2, If you are local Buy a handmade neckwarmer Details here
3. Donate :) We have partnered with Lifesong for Orphans. If you donate through them your donation is tax deductable! Details here or if you don't care about that you can donate using the link on the top right to just donate directly to us through paypal.

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