Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Biblical Parenting

So I am NOT a blogger- as you can see the last post was in 2008:) But I just felt the need to post about this...
So just when I think I have found "THE" method of parenting that is the right one, or "THE" Christian organization that I should completly support, then I read some things that don't sound right to me....I think more and more I am having to just learn to be prayerful and discerning- It seems like so many parents out there just want an easy 123 method of parenting, if I follow this book it will make sure everything goes right. There are a lot of good tips out there and a lot of bad ones, I learned early on in parenting to take what I can use and let the rest go. But it seems like so many parents are taking what certain teachers are saying to be the same as Gods word. Even Christian leaders are people, they sin and make misteaks just like us. They may have some good ideas and some not so good, if something seems wrong pray- read your bible first before deciding whether to act on it.
There are a few Christian parenting classes/teachers/books that have outright dangerous aspects to them, but they do have some good points too. I think the danger is when parents throw their brains out the window. God gave us brains to use for a reason. The only true 100% accurate source is God. Everything and everyone else is not perfect. Everything. So if your parenting method claims that it will "guarantee" (as one popular method does) that your kids will turn out to be good christians. Or If the books you are reading says that not following "it's" methods are sinful. Or if what you are trying is causing frustration, anxiety, or a feeling of failure. PLEASE THINK. Parenting is work and requires lots of prayer and lots of thinking.