Monday, July 22, 2013

My Plans vs. Gods Plans

My plans for this morning were: Drop kids off at Vacation Bible School, come home and clean and organize the playroom. Then baby carrier consult at 10, then clean and finish organizing the playroom before picking the kids up at 12:30. So drop the kids off I get home and a few minutes later I get al call from the woman coming for the baby carrier consult calling to reschedule for tomorrow as her baby was really fussy today. So I was a little bit happy, as I could get more done today. Then a few minutes later got a text from our tenants, in our house that we are selling…that should have closed last month… anyway long story… but they are great people, but the plumbing was backed up and since it was still our house we needed to fix it☹ So now my plans for a clean organized playroom were getting messed up…argh. So called the rotorooter and he could come put in about 30 minutes so loaded Sam up and headed to the other house. Grumpy at my messed up morning and having this unexpected expense…. It was going to take about an hour for him to get done so I figured instead of just sitting there, the lawn needed to be mowed so I decided to put Sam on my back and mow it. I had noticed that in the house next door there was a U-Haul truck and I knew the house was for sale, but then saw the owner and he came over to chat. When we lived there he lived next door with his family. They were always really sweet. After we moved out we kind of lost touch and I haven’t talked with him or seen him in about 4 years. They were jus there today, as he didn’t live there, they were loading up the last of the things there as the house was going on the market today. Long story short, as we were chatting, sharing about how our families were now, he shared that they just found out his 18 year old daughter is pregnant and considering placing her baby for adoption. AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! She is not due until January and no idea if she would even consider our family. She was a really sweet girl when we knew her and sounds like she just as made some different choices since then. I gave him our phone# and said I would be glad to talk with her more. Not sure if anything will come of it or not, but WOW. Wouldn’t it be just like God to take what I thought was something all messed up and use it for a chance meeting for His Glory? Amazed. Feeling much more at peace with our adoption journey. What God has he will provide for us in His time.

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