Friday, July 19, 2013

Adoption update and Kids with Special Needs

We so appreciate your prayers. Since the last post we have presented a few times and heard no each time. We are waiting right now to hear from another mom considering our family. So hard each time to not get your hopes up. I feel as if each time when I start praying for this mom and baby there is a heart connection made on some level wether you mean to or not. So each time there is a no it is hard even if you are trying not to get attached. Really in our journey it hasn't been that long all things considered. We appreciate your continued prayers for all this process.

On a brighter note I wanted to share about what I have been witnessing in regards to kids with special needs being adopted. There is a great adoption group I am a part of full of families homestudy ready with a heart for special needs kids. We are possibly open to mild or correctable needs. Fairly often there are posts with babies and kids with a wide range of special needs. From genetic conditions, to total care, from moderate to severe challenges. Every one I have seen posted has been almost immediately followed by a flurry of posts from families asking to be considered for placement of that child. It is such an amazing beautiful thing to witness. It has filled my heart with joy to see the love and caring each of these families is willing to show. I think in our culture there is this prevalent thought that children born with special needs will be unloved, unwanted. Just being a part of this smaller group of families has shown me just the opposite. All children are a blessing, all are loved and wanted. If you are reading this as a homestudy ready family and are interested in special needs adoption please contact me for details on this group.

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