Tuesday, June 18, 2013


** Adoption Update* Prayers appreciated... So for us, This is the way Domestic Adoption works. We have applied with multiple agencies as we have a couple "dings" against us in that we have a smaller adoption budget,(Believe it of not in The US adoptions can go as high as $75k, with most averaging around $40-$45k. We have a smaller budget so there are many "situations" (the term for moms who have an adoption plan in place and need to choose a family to place them with) that we can't even consider. And some moms wont consider placing their child in a home with existing kids which would be us as well. So applying with multiple agencies that had no up front costs was what we decided on as it would provide us the most opertunities to be shown to moms. So now we are in the process of waiting and having our profile shown.

It works like this- we get an email saying there is this mom due x, these are the health concerns if any, she did/didn't use drugs/alcohol, this is the estimated cost. Then we pray and decide if we want to have our profile and pictures shown to this mom. Then if yes, she is shown our profile along with a handful of other families who also have said yes to being shown. At this point if she chooses us then we are "matched" and we are committed to her and her child. At this point we also have to start paying some pretty big fees. Some of the scary part is that Mom can still change her mind, which she should have the right to, but if that happend at any point until papers are signed after the birth then we loose all the money we have paid for her expenses, housing, food etc...So we really appreciate your prayers for wisdom in this process as so much is in Gods hands...

Last week we found out about a mom due in October. She was having an ultrasound later in the week for more information. We requested information multiple times, but heard nothing back so we have assumed she had changed her mind and decided to parent. Today we heard she is going to be looking at our profile if we are interested by thursday. We also found out today about a mom due in september who we may also be interested in presenting to, but she is looking at profiles this week probably also. We can't present to 2 moms at the same time as that wouldn't be fair to them. so really would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and discernment.

We also need to be planing some big fundraisers- if anyone has an idea please let me know:)

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