Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Life continued...

23. Fresh local eggs for breakfast 24 My wonderful husband faithfully cooking them for me every morning. 25 healthy kids 26 joyful, lively kids early in the morning 27 New life in baby chicks 28 a few minutes of quiet 29 a good steady job for Troy 30 family close by to help and bless the kids 31 much needed rain 32 good friends 33 the encouragement of other moms 34 the amazing ability of the human body to heal- miracle of God So since my last post much has happened Zach broke his arm falling off the playground in the yard. The full arm cast didn;t slow him down at all:) He just got the cast off last week and is pretty much back to normal. John is now, thanks to his JaJa, a metal detecting pro. He has been borrowing the Metal detector and has found lots of fun things, pennies, foil, nails...etc:) Anna is so cheerful and singing all the time. She makes up songs about God or about her siblings. Lydia is pink and sparkely as ever she says Anna is the singer and she is the Dancer so together they make quite a pair. I am excited about the once a month moms encouragement group we are having meet at our house. This week is the 2nd meeting. hoping it goes well and moms leave encouraged and blessed. We have baby chicks that hopefully will all turn out to be hens and give us lots of eggs later this year.

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