Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So after reading One Thousand Gifts I really wanted to start keeping track myself and I figure this is as good of a way as any t o keep track of them. so here goes... Oh and the kids are helping too:) 1. Healthyness 2.Good living 3. Mommy and Daddy 4. Not sick 5. Clothes and Food 6 Blue Blanket 7 Blue Jacket 8 sweet sticky kid hugs 9 Trains 10 "Sing, Sing. Sing" 11 Blue Bean Bag 12 God coins 13 A singing "Great is thy Faithfulness" while folding clothes 14 Z singing "keen up, Keen up" 15 laughing blue eyes 16 a's mothers heart 17 L concerned about people "glittering" (littering) on the street 18 Johns curiosity and strong will 19 a dedicated providing Husband 20a God who is Everything 21 some time of quiet 22 new friends and old friends This has been a busy day. kids still getting over the reminents of coughs. It really affects their attitudes when they are fighting off something... but we have started bible time in school again too coinsidence? hmmmm.... Samuel was up a bunch last night- at least every hour. Not sure if it is just congestion or just the teeth still working through. None through yet.... His latest accomplishment is climbing the stairs... at 7 months... a sign of another curious boy I think:)

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Craig and Bethany said...

Climbing stairs!! Wow. :) Mine were all late crawlers and walkers. I wouldn't know what to do. Lol

And I laughed about the glittering. I love those little things that lighten the moment. I still snicker when I think of it.

God who is everything. Totally.