Monday, November 18, 2013

Thankfulness list continued...

I started this blog originally as a way to keep track of a thankfulness list after reading the book 1000 Gifts. Needless to say I wasn't on tope of it as I didn't get to far, but I love this idea especially in this season as there is just so so much to be thankful for.
23. times of quiet reflection.
24 Gods hand of provision throughout our lives
25 Financial blessing and provision for our adoption costs.
26 spending preciou stime with the birthmom and her foster mom.
27 healthy, beautiful baby girl
28 Favor with nurses at the hospital.
29 Growing, stretching in the times of waiting
30 Blessing of staying with Godly, encouraging friends
31 Time spent with other old friends from far away.
32 Gods hand orchestrating everything in His time and for His Glory and our good...
33 a wonderful husband caring for kids while I am away
34 involved caring grandparents helping out whereever needed
35 kids excited to meet their new baby sister
36 the prayers of many, seeing how God works through them each step of the way...
37 seeing Gods hand at workeach step of the way, a car seat, clothes stc, all with people saying I had meant to give these away sooner, but something held me back...:)
38 loving, sweet birthmom thanking us for giving her baby something she wasn't able to in her situation
39 Gods hand on us and with us through our time at the hospital. Being able to get ahold of the attorney around 10pm at night right away to get through a crisis situation.
40 "Great is thy Faithfulness" on Pandora at just the right times:)
41 knowing and believing God is Faithful.
42 staying on a beautiful lake with a nature path to be able to get out and enjoy Gods creation.
43 loving, supportive friends and family
44 After being told by the attorney not to "mother" the birthmom, the blessing of being asked the final day by the birthmom and foster mom to help hands on with her care.
45 Baby Faith

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